Enhancing Corporate & Individual Performance

The High Ground Consulting Practice revolves around identifying both transactional as well as transformational performance initiatives from strategy to execution and measurement.. This takes shape during the creation or refinement of a compelling vision linking to strategy and operational excellence that will inspire employees and attract support from the financial stakeholders as well as the respective customer base.  Further, the High Ground Team has a strong and demonstrable track record in the areas of coaching and mentoring leaders at every level, including new market assessment and planning as well as revenue acceleration from improved marketing and sales execution.

  • Pre and Post Transaction Diligence and Quick Start Programs - Evaluating a company’s CIM, management team, and track record, in consideration of a possible acquisition or minority investment.

  • Leadership Development - Working with individuals and teams to discuss, learn, and implement "transformational leadership" concepts on a group and individualized basis. High Ground has conducted over twenty customized workshops for their clients.

  • Strategy Creation & Alignment - Working with executives and teams to create a "game plan" that is executable and in alignment with elements of vision and what has been established as the operating plan.

  • Coaching & Mentoring - Working with individuals and teams that are performing at unacceptable levels and those that are the "superstars" of the future and need to be prepared for more responsibilities. High Ground has undertaken almost twenty individualized coaching assignments with nine of these being at the CEO level.

  • Marketing & Sales Effectiveness - Assessing and improving all facets of the marketing and sales strategy and plan. This involves branding, demand creation, distribution channels, sales programs and tools, sales process and methodology, functional metrics/KPI’s, and skills development. High Ground has developed a consulting approach which includes the use of proprietary intellectual property as well as sourcing and implementing sales related training material from industry thought leaders.

  • New Product Launch - Assisting clients in planning and executing new product launches into new markets through a wide range of distribution channels leveraging the development and deployment of effective sales programs and tools.

  • Strategic Opportunity Development - Developing and executing strategies to enhance the organization’s conversion rate on large ‘high value’ transactions and to facilitate the development and deployment of implementation plans to support and hand off the client to company resources.   This includes the deployment of a proprietary Capture Planning methodology that was a key to the exponential growth experienced by NAVEX Global.

“Riverside has had a wonderful and productive relationship with Mark over the past five years. First, he was one of the most successful CEO’s in our firms’ history as it relates to growth and generating returns at exit. Since then we have hired him numerous times across our portfolio – during due diligence, early on in a hold period, later on when momentum starts to slow, and also as an ongoing board member -- and he has become our “go to” guy to drive change and rapid sales acceleration. As a former PE backed CEO himself, he has total credibility with portfolio company CEO’s, which allows him to be viewed as a partner and not merely a consultant. His deep subject matter expertise in sales and marketing has made him particularly effective as a partner and coach to sales leadership. Lastly, his track record integrating multi-site and complex integrations is invaluable for portfolio companies going through a transition. This makes him particularly effective as a trusted advisor.”
Jeffrey Goodman
Senior Operating Partner

"High Ground makes things happen! Mark Reed injects sales DNA into the business that fosters revenue growth & customer satisfaction while also understanding what needs to happen internal to a business for it to scale."
David Chen
Olympic Venture Partners

"Centrisoft engaged with High Ground to identify weaknesses in our sales model and to fix them. We then asked Mark Reed who served as our lead consultant to identify solutions that would enable our company to scale efficiently without adding extensive direct labor and infrastructure. We were very pleased with Mark's recommendations and leadership during execution."
Matt Chapman
Former CEO & President
Centrisoft Corporation